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The TAPit® platform is the first assistive, learning center using “intended touch” to serve each individual’s special needs.

30 – 60 Day Free of Charge Demo options and Registration programs available exclusively to Exertis resellers!

TAPit Case Studies

TAPit® Interactive Education Display | Kilparrin School Case Study

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TAPit® Interactive Education Display Helps Students Learn to Navigate Digital Tools at Kilparrin School in Adelaide, Australia

At the Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School and Services location in Adelaide, Australia, special needs students now have access to two uniquely powerful TAPit® interactive education displays from Exertis ProAV Australia to aid their education and self-sufficiency. During a 30-day trial period, Kilparrin staff witnessed students practice trial-and-error to get the device to do what they wanted, demonstrating the value of the TAPit solution to foster students’ creativity and promote independence in learning…

TAPit Featured Products


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TAP·it is the first interactive learning station designed to provide accessibility to all. TAP·it is infinitely more accessible to physi­cally challenged students and their instructors than stationary or wall-mounted boards. Providing an optimal interface for teaching all with special educational needs at their own pace, the TAP·it reinforces skills that can be transferred to other computer-based learning applications. TAP·it connects to a PC / laptop or MAC so will run with the software applications you already use.

Intended Touch Technology Plus 10 Point Multi Touch
• This technology recognizes the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger “tapping” or selecting an image.
• Up to 10 Multi Touch points can be used simultaneously.
• Gesture selection is also now included.

Tried and Tested Assistive Technology
• Selling for over 8 years.
• 6th generation of the unit.
• Changes driven by end-user requests.
• Every feature has a purpose

ADA Compliant • Includes reference guide to assist with different user’s unique needs.



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