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We source our projector lamps directly from the World’s leading lamp manufacturers.

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Diamond Lamps buys all its bulbs directly from the World’s leading bulb manufacturers (Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix).

These are the same companies that supply bulbs to the major projector brands. Their bulbs give the very best performance in terms of brightness, color and evenness of illumination across the screen. Most compatible lamps* use bulbs manufactured by smaller factories in the Far East to far lower standards and give much poorer quality projected images.

*There are lots of different compatible lamps appearing on the Internet and many are described as ‘original-inside’ but relatively few are what they claim to be. Diamond Lamps is endorsed by the major bulb manufacturers, if you buy a Diamond Lamp you can be sure that you’re always getting the very best quality product.

When considering the true cost of a projector lamp it is important to factor in how long it will last. The lamp-lifetime figures quoted by the projector manufacturers are all based on the use of bulbs from the major manufacturers. Diamond Lamps will give exactly the same lamp-life as the projector manufacturers’ lamps but their lower selling prices will ensure the lowest running costs. Most compatible lamps will be cheaper to buy but their poor lamp-life will push up their running costs and give poor value for money.

All Diamond Lamps are sold with 24-month warranties. Most projector manufacturers’ replacement lamps are sold with 3-month warranties. Compatible lamps can have significantly higher return rates yet their warranties are often no more than 1-month.

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