Exertis Canada Success Stories

Career opportunities are expanding globally with Exertis USA’s continued growth. As our employees grow with the network of tools we provide, they sometimes find they want to try a new position. Exertis encourages all of its employees to be their best self and achieve greatness.

Meet Karen

Karen joined Stampede in 2004, just prior to the current executives of Stampede Presentation Products buying the company from its previous majority shareholder. With 20 years of industry experience, thirteen specific to Stampede, Karen is the ideal person to lead our customer care group.

Karen always puts our customers first and measures success in terms of customer satisfaction. Her dynamic personality and positive attitude, paired with her passion for helping others to achieve their goals, has carried her to the top of her field. Karen has devoted her career to creating strong, lasting client relationships. She has been the driving force behind why Stampede has consistently earned industry accolades for their outstanding service to customers.

What was Exertis like when you first started?

At that time, Stampede had about 25 employees, one small office and a warehouse. There were metrics and systems still needing to be implemented. I learned more in one year here than in six at my previous company. Since then, I’ve watched the company grow exponentially. To see the growth that Stampede has experienced in these past 13 years is incredible!

What’s the best part of working for Exertis?

I have always believed one of the greatest benefits of working here is the ability to grow and learn more about the industry. I feel like employees are rewarded for their efforts and work. What makes Stampede exciting is that you’re always a part of the next up and coming trend. If you had told me 13 years ago we would be distributing drones, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. It’s nice to see where we have been and where we are going, the future looks bright. I’ve truly enjoyed my role here and watching us grow.

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Employee since 2004

Karen was born and raised in the Buffalo Niagara area. She attended Canisius College where she earned a degree in sociology and communication. Karen has one son who plays professional hockey.