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Leadership AV application

  • Statement of understanding of the conditions of participation in the Leadership AV Program.

  • I understand that, should I be accepted into the Leadership AV Program at Exertis, the following conditions will apply:

    1. Passports and Visas: I am responsible for obtaining necessary passport and visas when required. Exertis will issue only a letter stating acceptance of an individual into the program and the conditions governing the program.
    2. Confidentiality and Publication of Information: As a participant, I will respect the confidentiality of information that I collect or am exposed to at Exertis. No reports or papers may be published based on information obtained from Exertis without the explicit written authorization of the president and chief operating officer.
    3. Although not considered a Exertis employee, I shall be subject to the authority of my Leadership AV Mentor. I understand that I am not entitled to the privileges and benefits accorded by Exertis, its officials and staff members.
    4. The Leadership AV Program is not connected with employment and there is no expectancy of such. However, participants can apply for posts advertised externally & internally to Exertis staff after the program is completed.
    5. Two to four participants will be selected to participate in InfoComm to be held in one of two locations, Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, NV. These selections will be made based on program participation and will be made at the sole discretion of the CEO and president of Exertis USA.
    6. ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION: Full attendance at all sessions is required. Only one absence will be allowed for academic/work situations.
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